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Terry Mills, Guitar Lessons: Sebastopol and Santa Rosa: Reviews

I am a former student of Terry Mills and was very sad (but happy for him) to see him move away from Stockton.
I enjoyed my entire 13 years as a student of Terry- he is very patient with his students, very practical and precise in his method of teaching. I learned A LOT from this excellent musician and still enjoy playing immensely.
Sincerely Ed Schneider MD
Student's comments - Former student
"Terry has been especially good and generous in helping me develop the music in songs I've been writing. He's sensitive to what I want to learn and teaches me what I need to learn, and does it with a fine sense of humor about it all." Oak Reinier
Oak Reinier - Student
I had been struggling with my guitar for several years before I started taking lessons from Mr. Mills. By the second lesson I was reading notes! I learned fast under him! He also did a good job of making guitar simple and understandable. Definitely recommend him! :D
Dominic Brabo
Dominic Brabo - Student
Terry always bent over backwards for me to teach me exactly what I wanted, exactly when I wanted it. He is extraordinarily flexible, talented and inspiring in his teaching style. I give him 5 out of 5 stars - and I'd give him more if I could.
Ken Crittenden
Ken Crittenden - Student
Terry is an accomplished guitarist and a seasoned music educator. His work with
our student guitarists has been invaluable.
Dr. Mark Anderman - Music Dept. Chair, Santa Rosa Junior College
“I totally love Terry, he is an incredible guitarist, has the patience of an angel, and never gives up on me even when I give up on myself. We are so fortunate to have him teaching guitar in Sonoma County.”
Tracy Borsos - Student (Feb 9, 2012)
"Being a self-taught-never-quite-go-it right guitarist of some 50 odd years, I needed help. As a student of Terry's, I am filling in the of gaps in my musical knowledge. This has given me greater appreciation of the instrument I play, but more importantly, increase the enjoyment and satisfaction I derive form my practice and playing. His teaching style satisfies my need for challenge with with plenty of opportunity for success."
Jim Pickens - Student (Mar 18, 2012)
I have known Terry for 15 years and I am find him an accomplished artist who
absolutely loves to teach and pass on what he knows.
Gary Abriem - Friend (Mar 18, 2012)